Infection Control



Viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores are no match for us.

Our EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant is safe enough to use on food contact surfaces, (NSF-2) but powerful enough to use in hospitals and physician offices.

Our Nanostatic™ process eradicates bacteria through oxidation in which five electrons are extracted from the amino acid of the microbial cell. Without electrons, the amino acid becomes altered and can no longer build protein to sustain the cell wall. Consequently, in the absence of protein, the cellular walls crumble and the harmful organisms within perish. Similarly, viruses are eliminated by reacting to peptone. During the reaction the protein formation of the virus is altered and prevented, thereby killing the virus.

What really sets us apart from other methods is our ability to neutralize both active and non active microorganisms which prevents mutation and building resistance to pharmaceuticals. Plus, our touchless application eliminates the risk of human error.


Exposure to Bacteria Causes



Birth Defects



Strong but safe

Touchless infection control

Eliminates risk of human error

Multi-surface cleaning solution


Safe Around




Here is a short history on germs. Brought to you by NPR.

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I don’t see any mold. Do I really need to have my house tested?

Mold usually grows in the areas of your home that you rarely see. Basements, crawlspaces, and other warm, humid areas can harbor mold for a long time, negatively affecting your family’s health. When considering a house for sale, remember that mold may have been painted over or otherwise covered to hide it from view. Our experts can inspect and test all areas of the house to identify any mold that needs to be eradicated.

Is your mold removal approach safe for the environment?

Nanostatic™ technology is completely safe for the environment, as well as the inhabitants of your building. Our proprietary approach uses positively charged nano droplets, which completely coat the surface being cleaned and thoroughly eradicate all mold quickly and safely.

I’ve heard that mold removal is extremely disruptive. Is it worth the trouble for my family/employees?

Removing mold once it is detected is essential for the health of the people and pets that live near the trouble spots. Fortunately, the Nanostatic™ technology that Nano Environmental Solutions uses to eradicate mold is extremely efficient, so the disruption to your normal life is minimal.

What industries do you serve?

From foreclosed houses with severe mold infestations to ultra-clean institutions like hospitals and medical offices, our teams have the equipment and experience to remove mold, improve air quality, and restore an environment that is healthy and free of illness-causing contaminants.