Nano Guard



Nano Guard protects the surfaces of your home or business by creating a strong and durable bond with most substrates. Nano Guard is a water-based coating, that chemically cross-links with the surface it is applied to. This process creates a dense, hard coating that powerfully binds to most substrate materials.

Nano Guard coatings are designed to breathe: allowing a very slow release of back pressure thus assuring a steadfast bond to the coated material. The key to the efficacy of Nano Guard products is the incredibly strong, but breathable bond between Nano Guard coatings and common surfaces, such as wood, concrete and stone. Nano Guard coatings form a permanent hard bond with surfaces.

They won’t blow or flake off like paint – an issue commonly found in basements because concrete is porous, allowing pressurized ground water to seep through concrete and blow off ordinary coatings, releasing moisture into otherwise dry basements. This phenomenon is referred to as Water Vapor Transfer (WVT).

Photograph by: Nano Environmental Solutions

“Nano Guard coatings are so hard, molds do not penetrate the surface and can be easily cleaned away.”

Nano Guard coatings have resisted water vapor transfer rates in excess of 15 lbs. per sq. inch – most paints/coatings will fail at 4 to 5 lbs. per square inch. Nano Guard coatings are so hard, molds do not penetrate the surface and can be easily cleaned away. Nano Guard coatings can be mixed in custom colors and finishes and can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer.


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